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This page used to be about beer. Here is my beer diary from years gone past. Now my thing is gin...

GIN SNOB: Juniper flavored vodka?

So gin and vodka are an odd couple in that gin is really nothing more than the first flavored vodka. Would you buy Absolute Juniper if they sold it?

Consider this: Both gin and vodka are produced by first creating a neutral spirit which is defined as:
"Neutral spirit refers to alcohol which has undergone rectification. This alcohol is free of any flavor, aroma, or other distinctive characteristic of the originating mash. Normally neutral spirits are produced at or nearly at the azeotrope maximum of 192 degrees proof." (Thank you HomeDistillerWiki.)
To make gin they (1) soak juniper berries and other 'botanicals' in the neutral spirit (2) filter and (3) add water to get back to ~80 proof.
To make vodka, just skip steps (1) and (2). Add some artificial flavoring, graphic label design, and commercial marketing to get to a flavored vodka.

With that in mind, why bother spending the time and money to become a gin aficionado? Well, because it makes for an interesting hobby. Let the taste testing being!
A few preliminary notes: I'm just getting started on this... So far I have tried to compare and rate: There are professional ratings out there, but I'm dubious about anything more that individual preference. I have a shelf-full of about 15 pairs of mini-bottles to go through. That should keep me busy for a few months.
(I need to roll out a comparison check list like: Smell, straight taste, mini-Gin & Tonic, rating 1-5 stars, recommendation, etc.)