John Orrell Physics - Nuclear & Neutrino
John Orrell Physics - Nuclear & Neutrino

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ROOT widgets

The ROOT object-oriented (based on C++) data analysis program is quite useful once you get the data into the program. It is also nice to extract data that you can simply read. Here are two little widgets that do these jobs.

BibTeXing Help

I have written a Perl script that assists the creation of BibTeX entries for electronic files that are stored in subdirectories of a "Papers" main directory.

There are two files. uses Tk as a graphical user interface (GUI) and really just wraps around the code that manipulates the BibTeX database. That Perl workhorse is which can be run as a command-line only program if desired (see instructions in the file to make this conversion). Thus requires, but not vice versa.

Unfortunately the GUI requires installing some other software, although doing so is easy and is explained in

Here is a picture. Please send me any fixes, suggestions or improvements.